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3 Kids Bedroom Themes You Can Create With Stripes

Easy themes using stripes that anyone can do…



The humble stripe; simple, timeless and always in fashion. If you and your kids are the types that prefer to colour inside the lines rather than outside, the versatile and trusty stripe might just be your best friend for your bedroom decorating project. So masking tape at the ready, here are three simple ideas to get you started…


1: Going for gold

Difficulty rating: Not too tricky

Time: A weekend

Attention all sports fans! What better environment to nurture energy-filled kids than with a vibrant sports-themed zone of their own? Creating a track-inspired sport themed bedroom filled with their favourite games and hobbies just takes a little lick of paint and masking tape. Watch the video below and follow the steps below to get the look:

1: Measure and mark the position of the track lines at the top of the wall using coloured chalk.

2: Run some coloured chalk over the string of a plumb line and then line up with the measurements and fix with masking tape.

3: Allow the weight to stop moving then pull the string tight against the wall and ‘pluck’ it off the surface to create a chalked line.

4: Follow the chalked lines with masking tape and rub the edges down well.

5.: Apply a coat of white background colour over the masking tape to seal the edges and allow to dry.

6: Apply two coats of Tangerine Twist Easycare matt to your wall, allowing the first coat to fully dry before applying the second.

7.: When the second coat is touch-dry, remove the masking tape carefully. Ta-da!


2: Ship shape

Difficulty rating: Easy-peasy

Time: A weekend

Set sail for a stylish bedroom with a nautical theme using a bold stripe device. This bedroom by Remodelaholic uses a classic colour palette of navy, red and white to set the scene for adventures on the high seas. Bring to life with seafaring accessories such as ship’s wheels, anchors and all things nautical.

1: Mark your horizontal lines on the wall by measuring the same distance from the floor on each side of the wall, and marking with chalk. Run a chalked piece of string the length of the wall from one mark to the other, taping at one end. Pull tight across the wall, then snap the string to create your guidelines.

2: Following your lines, apply masking tape to the outside edges of the lines and stick down well. Fill in the area in between the masking tape with a small roller or brush. Allow to dry and gently peel the tape away. There you have it!

3: Clowning around

Difficulty rating: Ambitious but worth it!

Time: A weekend

A big top ceiling is the ultimate showstopper – who wouldn’t love to wake up in the circus each morning? It might look technical but it’s easier than you think. Watch the how-to video to find out more, or read our step-by-step guide here.

Other things you can do with stripes

You can create a feature wall for just about anything using stripes:

  • Football themed room (using the colours of your favourite team)

  • Sports

  • Pirates

  • Harry Potter (painting stripes in yellow and purple)

Get your kids’ bedroom project started by downloading our free Kids’ Bedroom Workbook.

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