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3 Striking Feature Wall Ideas

Give your walls a little oomph with these techniques from interior designer Gabriel Hollands.

Plain walls begone! Feature walls are a cost effective but high-impact way to inject personality into your home.

They can be anything from show-stopping, vibrant focal points to a muted, eye-pleasing pattern.

Unsure which feature wall technique suits your space? We asked interior designer Gabriel Holland for some inspiring feature wall effects to transform your home from the ordinary into something truly one-of-a-kind, just using paint.

1. Oh my ombre

Create a beautiful blend of colours using a gradient technique. Ombre walls create an ethereal look that works nicely as a feature wall thanks to it’s soft yet striking effect. This look is ideal if you want to introduce several colours into your scheme without the room appearing too busy.

An ombre technique also works wonders toning down a bold shade that may be a little overpowering, particularly in small spaces.

For best results, opt for fresh, bold colours with optimum contrast such as Mulberry Burst and Dutch Gold 4, or try Bellini and Sorbet.

Watch How to Achieve an Ombre Effect for our step-by-step guide.

2. Striking stripes

The humble, versatile stripe is a failsafe pattern that can add a little (or a lot) of drama into your home depending on what look you want to achieve.

First consider how thick you’d like the lines on your stripey wall feature to be. For a similar look to the scheme above play with the width of your stripes. Don’t be afraid to add the odd stripe of unexpected contrasting colour for a fresh, contemporary effect.

A few tips when it comes to stripes:

  • Alternating matt and glossy painted stripes is an elegant way to introduce more depth to your space.
  • Vertical stripes will create an illusion of height if your ceilings are low.
  • Horizontal stripes will create a sense of spaciousness as they lead the eye around the room.

3. Two-tone tales

One striking way to make an entrance is by giving your hallway added personality and dimension with a graphic two-tone feature wall (this is also a handy technique to make your ceilings look taller!).

Colour wise, use a playful shade such as Vanilla Sundae with a neutral such as Fine Cream for a grown-up take on pastels.

Watch Trick to Try: Two-Tone Graphic Hallway for our step-by-step guide.

To watch more paint effects and find out how to add patterns to your walls watch our Paint Effect Playlist.

Decided which feature wall is for you? First test how the colours look in your home by ordering Colour Testers in your favourite shades.

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