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3 Ways to Turn Your Space into a Country Retreat

Get back to basics with a palette of nature-inspired hues.


Whether you're a city dweller or more of an outdoorsy type, it's likely that at some point in your life – probably while taking a stroll and breathing in some clean, fresh air – you wished you could take a little part of nature home with you.

The good news is that, now, you can! Answer the call of the wild and bring the outside in with our Country Retreat palette of colours, part of our Travels in Colour collection. Here are three ways it can work in your home…


Moor is More

Calm and tranquil, this soft heathery hue evokes the colours of the highlands and moors.

Expert tip

Use Amethyst Starling as the main backdrop of your living space, then team with a warm neutral which echoes the colour of your upholstery such as Rope Swing. Play with cushions and throws in similar shades and a variety of textures, from velvet to thick knits, to create a layered landscape of visual interest.


Pastures New

Frame your room's focal point with a hit of dusky purple – even a subtle shade like Heather Climb can make a big impact if used in a striking way, such as on a chimney breast or recess.

Expert tip

This palette of warm neutrals works beautifully with cool, natural stone and concrete. Surround your stone fireplace or use in a kitchen or hall with natural flagstone floors.


Field of Dreams


Drift off to your favourite rural idyll by harnessing a serene shade such as Evening Barley on bedroom walls.

Expert tip

A shade that enhances natural light and space, but also breathes warmth into a space is ideal for a bedroom. Once you've got your walls sorted, experiment with different tones of blues, lilacs and taupes for your bedding and accessories - or change it up to compliment different seasons, opting for floral or meadow inspired bedding for summer and deeper orange and burgundy linens for an autumnal look.

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