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4 Ways to Create a Dinosaur Themed Bedroom

Hold onto your seats. These dino-themed ideas will make your kid roar!


There’s nothing like creating a fantasy world when you’re a kid. And dinosaurs have always held so much fascination for kids, from the fearsome T-Rex to the gentle but gigantic Brachiosaurus. If you want to recreate the Jurassic look in your little adventurer’s bedroom then all you need is a few jurassic ideas.


1. Bed-osaurus Rex

You don’t have to start big – for an easy-peasy dinosaur transformation begin with bedding. Take this duvet and pillow set from John Lewis (£30) for example. These go really well with a painted wall in Luna Landscape 5. Then add some soft cuddly monsters like this bashful dinosaur from John Lewis (£16) scattered around and ready for playtime.


2. Monster mural

If you really want to set the Jurassic scene and get your little explorer’s imagination to take off, then a painted mural is a fun project to take on. We love this incredible volcanic scene shared to us by our Facebook follower, Emma Baxter! To recreate the look pick an earthy brown such as Intense Chestnut a lush green like Enchanted Eden and a neutral tone of Jurassic Stone to complete your Jurassic scene. Or, take inspiration from this epic landscape by Paint Speckled Paw Prints.


3. Reaching great heights

For a smaller paint project, there are heaps of little creatures you can paint on your wall. These useful dinosaurs double as as a height chart. Either paint it yourself using a few tester pots in shades such as Holiday Blues 6 or buy a ready made one to hang on their bedroom wall or door, like this one from Wall Sticker Outlet.


4. Welcome to the jungle

An easy-peasy and pocket-friendly way to create a Jurassic style backdrop ready for little dinosaurs to play in is by using torn paper to create a lush jungle horizon. Just rip the paper and use a small paint roller to paint over the torn edges like a stencil. Build up your jungle-scape with a few different shades of green, like Putting GreenEnchanted Eden and Willow tree. Watch the how-to video to see how to do it yourself.

_To get started on your dinosaur scheme, download the Dulux Kid’s Bedroom Workbook. _

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