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4 ways to use stripes in your child’s bedroom

Discover how to use simple stripes for a creative and colourful space that your little one will love.


Whether it’s making a statement with contrasting colours, vertically splitting space for siblings, or simply calming with softer shades – stripes are a versatile and playful way to bring a kid’s room to life.

Read on for a few bright ideas, then watch our quick how-to video for painting simple stripes.


Variety with vertical lines


If your children are sharing a space and have different ideas for the colour they want, use stripes to stylishly divide the room. This will give both siblings a space to call their own.

Which paints?
Sun Dust 2
Gipsy Bloom 5
Caribbean Dawn 1


A creative corner


Carve out a zone of your child’s bedroom with a bold stripe to create their very own mini craft area.

A shade of green in a space devoted to creativity can be both energising and refreshing – the perfect setting to develop their artistic flair!

Which paints?
Velvet Touch 1
Green Parrot 1
Peppermint Beach 5
Lime Zest 2

All of our paints are available to buy in our washable and tough Easycare paint. With innovative stain repellent technology, it’s perfect for kids’ bedrooms.


A reading corner with added drama


Every child loves bedtime stories, so create a snuggly nook for that special time. Select a colour or two that will stand out against your wall. If you’ve got neutral walls, go bright and if you’ve got darker shades, go light. The result? A striking pattern that will add depth and create a perfect spot to curl up together.

Which paints?
Blush Rambler 2
Volcanic Splash 4
Sundrenched Saffron 2
Polished Pebble


A simple stripe


Looking to quickly refresh your child’s walls? A single colour band around the room is efficient in both paint and time, and is all it takes to transform a room. Colour matching furniture or other accessories will add extra pops of vibrancy.

Which paints?
Luna Landscape 3
Royal Regatta 4

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