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5 Easy Furniture Hacks

Give your home bags of personality with these quick and colourful updates.


Transforming your existing furniture to add flair to your spaces isn't as tricksy as you think. These five ideas will perk up your interiors in a flash with a few small pots of paint. They're also super fun to make.


Turn the Tables

Make-over a plain table top with a graphic, two-tone colour block. Pick two harmonising shades that are close to each other on the spectrum for a contemporary feel, such as Auburn Falls 4 and Volcanic Red.


A Leg Up

Revitalise furniture in an instant by giving legs a colourful lift. Even a simple dip of paint on chair and table legs can liven things up – consider mixing up different shades of a tonal palette across multiple pieces and varying the length of the dipped area for a dynamic dining set. Try shades such as Party Surprise 4Popped CornSincere Brew and Roasted Pumpkin 2 to recreate this subtle yet visually interesting look.

Or, how about taking things back to basics and keeping part of your piece as bare wood? If you're not starting with an unpainted item, strip back one leg to expose some of the raw material. Make your project even more unique by contrasting the natural wood with a darker tone.


Cupboard Love

It's not only what's on the outside that counts – the inside counts, too. Adding a twist to cupboard interiors is a neat way to brighten up your home and bring a surprising element to everyday furniture. Plus, every time you open the doors you'll be greeted with a burst of your favourite shade!


Edge Ahead

Thinking sideways pays off, especially when it comes to making a difference to your home. Find forgotten and overlooked edges and think about how you can make them stand out – door lips, the edges of tables or the edge of a chair can be reclaimed with a quick coat of paint. Use a small roller for extra speedy (and easy) application.


Sunset boulevard

When it comes to striking paint effects, flat wardrobe doors are full of potential – so make the most of them. Try out a harmonising ombré colour blend using the Colour of the Year, Copper Blush. Not only will it keep your space on-trend and up to date, but it'll bring a serene ambience to your room, too. What a way to wake up every morning…

Ready to start your own hack? Check out our Made by Me range to get your own bespoke projects under way.

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