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Cool Kids’ Bedroom Ideas

Our collection of cool kids’ bedroom ideas can inspire your decorating. From chalkboard walls and clever storage, to jungle and superhero themes. Get cool with Dulux.


Are you ready to be a paintbrush-wielding superhero? Here’s how to design a kids’ bedroom that’s too cool for school.

The best way to bring cool bedroom ideas to life is to unleash your inner child and get set for fun! Remember how it felt to be lost in an imaginary world of colour, fantasy and adventure? That’s your mission, should you choose to accept it, to create a room your children never want to leave. Launch into the ‘design hero’ role right now, with our fun bedroom decorating ideas.


Cool practical tips to get you started

Before your mind escapes into a world of leaping tall buildings in a single bound, let’s take a moment to get down to business. Cool bedroom décor is even better when it’s practical and stands the test of time. What’s the one thing that makes tidying up so much easier? Storage. Make everything from beds to desks and clever shelving options work extra hard on this particular mission.

The best way to do this is with convertible furniture, which also happens to be on-trend. It takes up much less floor space, offers a sustainable way to update and, most importantly, keeps all that stuff off the floor when playtime is done for the day. It’s easy to incorporate extra storage into your design. Consider modular bookcases, drawers that double as desks, beds with inbuilt drawers and colourful containers that fit your theme while providing space to stash toys, display collectables or even sit on.

Next up, you don’t want your heroic design efforts dashed the second grubby handprints enter the scene. And, let’s face it, little fingers, spills and scuffs are inevitable villains to contend with.  One way to combat them is with Dulux Easycare Washable & Tough. Its superpower is to repel liquid spills by transforming them into beads that sit on the surface of the paint. 

Now, back to the world of fantasy and cool kids’ bedroom theme ideas.


Jungle journeys


If you’re looking for the perfect gender-neutral bedroom, welcome to the jungle! With bright shades, a serious sense of adventure and endless options for matching accessories, this theme grows with your imagination. The scene starts with a rainforest of colour on the walls, using shades like Enchanted EdenWillow Tree and Putting Green.  Add an indoor plant or two for authenticity and better air quality. For accessories, go wild with cuddly monkeys and elephants, patterned bedding that highlights the jungle and tools for exploration, like binoculars and safari hats.


Chalkboard fantasies


From a newborn baby’s nursery to a toddler’s playground and a hub of expression for teens, a chalkboard is a place to bring creativity to life. Initially, it’s all about you! Centre your design around a feature wall with a chalkboard as the focus. Use it to draw patterns, shapes or words of love and joy to welcome a new baby and enliven the space. When the time comes, children of all ages will love the fact that they’re actually allowed to draw on the wall, along with having an adaptable space to decorate and change as they wish. Chalkboard paint is easy to apply to walls and furniture. It comes in classic black, along with a range of colours to enhance a cool kids’ bedroom.


Adventure activities


Fancy a camping trip in the mountains, at any time of year? You can bet your children do, so it’s time to bring the outdoor adventure in. Using simple painting techniques and basic shapes, create a landscape feature wall of snow capped mountains and the sun, with nature-inspired colours. Pop up play tents, teepees and igloos come in all shapes and sizes, for a cubby house that defines the very meaning of fun kids’ bedroom ideas. Use suitcases for storage and character, outdoor lanterns for atmosphere and soft, colourful cushions and rugs for warmth and comfort.


Superhero surprises


Awesome boys’ bedroom ideas don’t come much better than those with superhero powers and girls can’t wait to get in on the action too. Just look to the movies or your child’s favourite character for inspiration. Painting a city skyline is one idea for a thrilling backdrop on a feature wall, using bold colours like Striking Cyan mixed with splashes of black and yellow. For pops of colour, texture and warmth, consider accessories like red throw rugs, yellow bean bags and patterned bedding. Need to reinvent old furniture? There’s nothing like a lick of bold paint to turn a side table or set of drawers into a useful prop.


Putting your ideas to the test

If you’re a little bit scared to unleash the full potential of your painting powers on the walls or furniture, it’s Dulux paint tester pots to the rescue. Don your cape and fly down to your local hardware store or Dulux Decorator Centre, or order a collection of colours online. Get some A4 lining paper, splash on a couple of coats and, once dry, check out your choices on the walls.

As your cool kids’ bedroom ideas come to life before your eyes, you’ll be ready to leap into your decorating adventure and assume your new role as the coolest parent on the planet.

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