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6 Ways to Decorate Your Kid's Bedroom

Transform your kid’s room into a playful paradise.


Decorating your kid's bedroom can seem like no easy feat.

Their personal taste can change from minute-to-minute – it's all part of the fun of growing up. But finding a fun theme and transforming their room into a playtime-ready space that encourages them to pursue their passions is easier than you think.

Once they've decided on their theme (and you've given it the thumbs up), its time to pick colours and wall effects to match. And remember, when it comes to finish, Dulux Endurance+ Matt is an exceptionally tough paint that stands up to the rough and tumble of busy lives (yes, including crayons).


Jungle Fever

Explorers and nature-loving little ones will find plenty of adventure in a jungle-inspired bedroom. Start with painting in the lush-green horizon backdrop using deep to light shades like Willow TreePutting Green and Enchanted Eden for your rainforest. Fill up with their favourite jungle animals to complete the look.

Watch the video and then follow this step-by-step guide to create the bedtime ready Amazonian rainforest.

Expert Tip:

Use 1000 grade lining paper and tear towards you when you make your jungle-scape.


Storybook Escape

Set your little bookworms off on a literary adventure with cloud-studded skies painted in Blue BabeJasmine WhiteGoose Down and Polished Pebble (watch the video above for easy-breasy DIY instructions and then read how to achieve the look here). Add a teepee hideaway and scatter plenty of cushions around to create the cosiest of storybook corners.

Expert tip:

To make sure that the sponge doesn’t have too much paint on it when you start to soften the edges of the clouds, load it with paint and then dab the excess off onto some old paper before you start.


Call in the clowns

The Circus is in town! For all the fun of the fair, look no further than this circus-inspired big top ceiling effect. Watch the video above for an easy-peasy instructional guide using Pepper Red and White Cotton to create the striking ceiling and for a perfect, bright and bold accent, a Banana Split painted skirting board.

Expert tip:

If you’re not sure how to find the centre of the ceiling, find it by snapping a chalk line diagonally from one corner of the room to another – the centre is where the two lines cross. Et voilà!


Out of this world

Create a bedroom fit for budding astronauts with a space-themed bedroom fronted with this galactic paint effect accent wall. The starry bedroom scheme is no rocket science, but some paint brush splattering in a Space Odyssey approved Rich BlackPurple PoutStriking Cyan and White Cotton. Watch the video above and then read the step-by-step instructions here for the rundown.

Expert tip:

To avoid uttering those immortal words ‘Houston, we have a problem’ try out the spattering technique on some paper before you hit the wall.


Is it a bird? Is it a plane?...

...it's a striking city skyline for your little superhero's bedroom. Transform their room into a batman/superman ready metropolis with a little Striking Cyan and Rich Black action. Give them the environment to develop their and nurture their own super do-good powers. Watch the video to see how you can swoop in and create this epic bedroom transformation and then read our step-by-step guide.

Expert tip:

A little heads up before you spring into action: to get a sharp point on the inside edge of the building shapes, press your fingernail into the corner you want to create at an angle - and tear the masking tape upwards and away from corner.


On your marks, get set, transform!

Attention all sports fans! What better environment to nurture energy-filled kids than with a vibrant sports-themed zone of their own? Read our step-by-step guide and create a space for them that echoes their favourite hobbies and may help in taking them the extra mile when it comes to seeing their goals through. Use vibrant colours like Tangerine Twist against clean whites lik Jasmine White.

Expert tip:

Make sure that the foam roller or sponge for stencilling doesn’t have too much paint on it when you apply paint through the stencil. Load it with paint and then roll or dab off the excess onto some old paper before you start.

Looking for more creative kids room ideas? For more inspiration, go to the Dulux Kids page.

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