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6 Ways to Use Typography in your Decorating Scheme

Word up! Numbers and letters are the new decorative accents for the home.


No longer confined to pages of books, numerals, symbols and type are peppering homes in more original ways than ever before, bringing a graphic edge to homes left, right and centre. And we like it.

So much so, that one of our key trends for 2016 is called ‘Words & Pictures’, and is inspired by this new found decorating element. The beauty of the palette itself is its subtlety – and the fact that it’s really easy to incorporate into your existing schemes.

Here’s six beautiful schemes to inspire you to get wordy at home with this delicate and easy-to-use palette.


Recipe for success

Forget primary-coloured fridge magnets – letters are in the kitchen have taken on a more sophisticated palette. Use them as a decorative ingredients on shelves, walls and splashbacks, giving kitchens a personalised, lived-in feel.

Expert tip

Make a display of chopping boards and kitchen utensils by adding the odd letter ornament in the mix. Curate a mix of rustic timbers and soft pastel shades to bring your collection together and to give your kitchen heart. Paper mint and Mauve Tale work like a dream with natural materials in the kitchen.


Magic spell

There’s nothing more personalised than a name tag – collect letters to spell out each member of the family’s initials across your walls for a fun and playful look that tells your story. The more variety of shapes, sizes and fonts of your letters, the better!

Expert tip

Make your display even more eclectic by pairing different materials (such as wood, metal and cardboard) together with the odd painted letter – these letters feature Marble Swirl 6 and Grey Steel 4.


Catch some Zzzz’s

An oversized single letter makes for a striking statement in your bedroom space – and what could be more appropriate than the letter Z?

Expert tip

Trace and paint the design directly onto your wall, or make a painted cardboard version so it’s even easier to change your space around when you want a new look. This letter is painted in Mauve Tale, a softer alternative to black for a relaxed bedroom vibe. Barely-there Grey Steel 4 completes the subtle look – cloud nine awaits.



Metal letters give a chic, industrial flavour to any space, and look especially effective against brick walls. Combine different letters to spell out a word across the wall or just use one and continue the theme with letter-printed accessories in the rest of your room.

Expert tip 

Contrast raw industrial surfaces such as brick and metal with soft pastel shades such as Marble Swirl 6 for a sweeter take on warehouse-chic.


Take note

Spell out a favourite message or motto using printed letters torn out of magazines and old newspapers and put it up somewhere prominent so you can gaze upon it everyday.

Expert tip

Not only does monochrome lettering look classic and grown-up, but it goes with any scheme too. Try pairing your prints against subtle shades such as Letter Press and Blue Charm.


Novel idea

Bookmark a cosy reading corner with a scattering of words and letters – get in a bookish mood by extracting favourite quotes, passages, or poems on your walls, or just use the odd over-sized letter to mark your storybook corner. To ‘B’ or not to ‘B’ – that is the question…

Expert tip

Our Words & Pictures palette is just the thing for relaxed reading areas. Try Paper mint and Grey Steel 4 to maximise light (you’ll need it for reading, after all). Another inspired combo to give reading areas character while not being too distracting from the action on page is Veiled Violet and Wild Mushroom 4. Finally, don’t forget a few comfy throws and cushions and a reading lamp for a space that’ll make you happily ever after.

Try out these subtle shades on your walls at home at a touch of a screen by downloading the free Visualiser app. Or, order testers of the Words & Pictures colour palette to make your own wordy wall displays.

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