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Find Your Dining Room Inspiration

With our dining room ideas we can help you to choose your perfect dining room colour schemes and decorative wall ideas. Find your dining room inspiration with Dulux.

Make every meal special with chic dining room ideas.


Who doesn’t like to eat, drink and be merry? The dining room plays host to intimate family meals, fun dinner parties with friends, special occasions and cosy chats with a nightcap or two. If your space doesn’t reflect the good times as much as you’d like it to, it’s time to find your dining room inspiration. From fabulous colour schemes to upcycled furniture and statement accessories, here’s how to decorate with entertainment in mind.


Dark drama

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A dark colour scheme is one of the best ways to enhance a particular mood in your dining room, whether it’s for romance, elegance, drama or sophistication. From Rich Black to deep, jewel-inspired tones like Dark Garnet and Sapphire Splendour, saturated shades add a sense of depth and define boundaries to make a space seem larger.

If you love striking dining room colour schemes, pair dark colours with white and you’ll achieve a dazzling contrast. Consider painting a black feature wall with a deep grey, like Bowler Hat, on the ceiling. Offset these shades with a white door, window frame or dining table. If you have tired cabinets or display units, a lick of dark paint will instantly revive them. Don’t be scared of painting tricky surfaces such as interior brick and melamine cabinets with saturated hues, as a few simple tips will ensure a professional finish.


Soothing Scandi

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Scandi style is all about monochrome décor, exposed wood and a minimalistic approach that keeps your space, and your mind, clean and clear. The concept is effortlessly stylish for entertaining. However, it’s also great for dining rooms that double as workspaces, with a spacious, inspiring feel that’s conducive to getting things done.

Fresh white for the walls and ceilings acts as a calming backdrop and pairs beautifully with timber flooring. Choose black for upholstery and natural wood for tables, with sleek, streamlined designs. Industrial pendant lighting brings flair to the room. For a dash of colour, consider green chairs and bring the outdoors in with simple potted plants.


Yellow sunshine

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Sipping your morning coffee in a patch of sun is a great way to start the day. But, if that’s not possible, decorate a dining room in yellow for the next best thing. Yellow brings warmth, brightness and energy to your space and makes a cheery statement by day or night. Depending on the shade you pick, yellow can highlight a variety of themes, from tropical holidays to traditional country cottages.

Consider an enlivening shade like Citrus Zing on a feature wall surrounding the window, with natural light to enhance the vibe. For balance, paint the ceiling and surrounding walls in a soft white and choose natural wood furnishings. Add artworks in blues, greys and white and choose a darker shade of yellow for rugs or tableware.


Blissful blue and green

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After a long and busy day, what could be better than settling down to relax with good food and great company? Dining room wall ideas featuring blues and greens make the relaxing part so much easier. These shades depict calming outdoor landscapes of oceans and rolling hills. They’re refreshing, but at the same time easy on the eyes and eternally tranquil.

Pale shades bring instant peace, however, green and blue also offer a great opportunity to go bold and bright in the dining room without losing a sense of the serene. Choose two or three vibrant hues and add blocks of each colour to the walls to define areas or highlight special features. For balance, introduce white, wood or neutral tones for furniture and accessories.


Dusky pink perfection

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Nothing says cosiness and romance quite like pink and it’s certainly allowed to come out of the bedrooms for dining room colour schemes. Reminiscent of sunsets, shades like Pressed Petal have an earthy feel that imbues a room with comfort. They’re immediately welcoming and invite you to take a seat and soak up the friendly warmth with friends and family.

Choose two or three shades of dusky pink for feature walls with a harmonious feel. Grey and pink work beautifully together, so consider painting cupboards, fixtures or trim with a light grey to break up the colour. For a light, spacious and rustic feel that balances dusky pinks, opt for natural materials, wooden furniture and plants to enliven the room.


Playful pops of colour

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Are you searching for dining room inspiration that makes an eye-catching statement? Put your personal colour stamp on the entertainment hub with vibrant shades on a neutral backdrop. Paint your walls in a pale grey, like Frosted Steel. This way, your favourite bold shades will stand out with a serious ‘pop’ on accents, trim, furniture and accessories. To avoid overwhelming a room with bright hues, choose two primary colours for larger areas and a third for stunning accents.

This type of design gives you the perfect opportunity to upscale tired furniture with a lick of paint. Why not make your dining table the star, with a show stopping red? Contrast this with cheerful yellow on a door or window recess. For the accent colour, add a dash of green with artwork, plants or ornaments. If you’re not sure about your colour choices, download the Dulux Visualizer app to bring your ideas to life with a few taps on the screen.

Inspirational dining room ideas wrap your space in an atmosphere that’s dinner-party ready, each and every day. So, you can get back to the eating, drinking and being merry part!

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