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8 Creative Christmas Tree Alternatives

Worry not if your house isn’t fit for a 6ft pine – these festive fir-free ideas are perfect for any small space.


Whether you have limited square footage to work with at home, or you simply are just anti-pine (how does it manage to get everywhere?), there are other fun and festive options for your Christmas tree – that won’t use up valuable space.

Take a look through these out-of-the-ordinary alternatives that save on the space, not the festivities.

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1. Fairy Light My Fire

There’s something magical about fairy lights, especially in the wintery Christmas season. Create a snug atmosphere in your home using a string of fairy lights to create a 2D tree outline (above, right). To get just the right shape, lightly pencil an outline to follow before hanging on tiny nails or tacks.

2. Branch Out

Or magic up a DIY wooden tree with sticks, fairy lights and some ornaments (above, left). What a bright idea.

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**3. 2D Tree ** A giant printed Christmas tree on fabric is visually pleasing – and washable. There are plenty of options online, but by far the most popular (and sells out each year without fail) is Ikea's Margareta Christmas Tree Fabric.

4. Fringe Benefits

If you're feeling extra crafty, grab the tissue paper cutting scissors and DIY an impressive fringed tissue paper tree like this one from Curbly (above, left).

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5. Beloved Baubles

Your alternative tree might be pine free, but keep the Christmassy baubles. Using different sized varieties of baubles like this 81-piece-set from Next (above, left, £10), is a great way to create a hanging tree shaped entirely out of the festive spheres.

6. Pipe Dream

Or do as Martha Stewart does (as we always say) by using PVC pipes and filling them with ornaments (above, right).

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**7. Paint Happy **

For a different kind of wooden tree have a go painting the tree on your living room door like this one (left) by HomeSense. Try it yourself in a Buckingham green.

8. Sticker For Detail

Using a wall decal of a Christmas tree is a fuss-free and graphic take on festive decorating that involves no hoovering up of pine needles. This vibrant red design from Not on the Highstreet (£20), is full of Christmas spirit.

Looking for other clever short space solutions? Have a read of Trick to Try: Office in a Cupboard

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