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Ask Dr Dulux: How do I choose the correct grey?

There are more than 50 shades of it – here’s how to choose the right one for you

Grey will always be on trend because it’s a neutral colour that works with almost everything; and it can be either classic or contemporary, depending on the type of property it’s used in and what it’s paired with. Here’s how to choose and use it.  


Warm Grey

North-facing rooms and open-plan spaces both benefit from warm greys to cosy them up – the likes of Pebble ShoreEgyptian Cotton and Perfectly Taupe. These contain hints of red, orange and yellow for a welcoming, laid-back feel.


Cool Grey

South-facing rooms and small spaces call for cool greys to open them out – shades such as Cornflower WhiteGoose Down and Coastal Grey. Hints of blue, green and violet create a tranquil mood.


True Grey

A simple mix of black and white, with no other colours included, equals a ‘true grey’ – think Chic ShadowPolished Pebble and Urban Obsession. The look is versatile, sophisticated and, above all, stylish. 



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