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Real-Life Colour

Be bold and #styleitdark for serious dramatic effect


Spurred into action by the Instagram trend #styleitdark – which celebrates bold, dark interiors – Tory and husband Jonathan took the plunge and transformed their Victorian home in London with shadowy shades. As an editor, Tory always has her finger on the pulse; while Jonathan – a film projectionist – took a more practical approach to the project. Together, they created a deep, decadent space to enjoy this winter and beyond. 


“Colour-matching our sofa added dramatic depth and cinematic wow factor”


Exper Know-How: Marriane Shillingford

“Decorate the room with darktoned accessories for a layered look, and add personality with quirky or vintage finds.”


Her Dark Materials


Take a leaf out of Tory and Jonathan’s book by painting built-in shelves the same colour as the walls, creating subtle and stylish storage which also gives cherished ornaments stand-out. “We lived in Berlin for a couple of years, where we picked up some beautiful East German pottery pieces,” Tory says. The couple handpicked Indigo Shade from a Dulux colour display – ta wide range of colours showcased in selected stores. To complement bold, dark colours like this, go for warm hues of pink or stone, as in some of Tory and Jonathan’s pots and vases. Add freshness and vibrancy with natural greenery in the form of lush plants. Finally, have fun with unexpected splashes of colour, like the couple’s lime vinyl player – a modern take on a retro classic. 


Colour Confident


“I’d say just go for it in a big space, because that’s where dark colours really work best,” says Tory. “Paint was the cheapest, easiest and quickest way of investing in our home – plus, it was a quick fix, as it only took us two days to do! What’s more, you can always repaint a couple of walls in a lighter shade if you change your mind about an entirely dark space. Nothing is permanent.”


Deep End


Tory and Jonathan added depth to their rooms with different textures – soft linens, chunky knits and printed textiles – and trinkets picked up on their travels add plenty of personality. “We particularly love antiques and 50s-inspired pieces,” says Tory. If you’re inspired to practise the dark arts, remember to introduce lighter tones for balance; and use matt paint for a sophisticated finish. The result? An immersive look that dares to be different – and an inky-hued home that’s simply begging to be shared on Insta. Go on, turn to the dark side… 


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