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The Weekend Project

Unveil an under-the-stairs playroom for your kids


With a lick of paint and a little imagination, under the stairs can be so much more than a cluttered storage space. Using bold colours and geometric shapes, we’ve completely transformed this cupboard into a snug hideaway for children, complete with a soft linen curtain that keeps it concealed when playtime is over for the day. Contrast a pared-back colour like Pebble Shore on the staircase in the hallway, with a whimsical combination such as Dusted FondantBanana Split and White Cotton on the walls inside. The fun palette provides a cheery backdrop that’s sure to encourage learning and creativity. Simply add shelving laden with wonderful books and comfy daybeds for lounging together, with festoon lighting and soft toys to create a nook they can really call their own.

You'll Need

  • Sandpaper and cleaning cloth
  • Paint from colour palette
  • Stirring stick
  • Roller and tray
  • Tape measure and pencil
  • String and chalk
  • Masking tape


Keep Things on Track 

Saturday morning

Start by clearing out the space. Use Polycell Polyfilla to fill any cracks or holes in the surfaces you’re painting, then gently sand and clean before leaving to dry. Next, give everything a coat of White Cotton and allow to dry.


Saturday afternoon

Mark up your shapes using our string-and chalk technique (there’s a handy video on our YouTube channel), then mask off the first shape. Seal the inside edges of the tape by painting over them with White Cotton, allow to dry and fill in with your first colour.


Sunday morning

Remove the tape from the first shape, then mask off the next one and repeat with the second colour.


Sunday afternoon

Remove the tape from the second shape, then mask off the final one and repeat with the third colour. Allow to dry, then remove the tape and call the kids. It’s playtime!

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