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Kitchen Stencils and Bursts of Colour Combine

Bring fun to the dining room with lively pops of zesty colour


tencilling your walls is the perfect way to add the personality and fun of wallpaper to your room, without the labour and expense. Wall paint stencils can be used to add borders or repeating shapes, to create one large focal point in a space, or to add small touches of decoration wherever some small detail is required.

Many hobby decorators are unsure how to stencil a wall, but the truth is that stencils for painting are some of the easiest ways to bring some life to your room, and easiest DIY tricks to have in your tool kit. Kitchen stencils can be particularly fun, as there’s more freedom to indulge in slightly more eccentric patterns than in other rooms.

Preparation is key as with any DIY project, so it’s best to make sure you’re starting with a clean and freshly repaired wall, sanded down, and painted with the base colour more than 24 hours prior. When using your stencils, make sure to affix them to the walls with tape so that they don’t move when painting them, and make sure your brush is at a 90-degree angle as you fill in the stencils. This will ensure no paint makes its way under the stencil and smudges the print.

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