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Create a Happy Kids’ Nursery with Vanilla & Mint Green Paint

Dish up servings of lemon and mint to create a happy vibe


It is a time-honoured tradition to paint a nursery in shades of sorbet colours, often because these hues are considered to be the most gender-neutral, but also because softer shades create far more of a calming space for a child to sleep in. Happy colours like lemon and mint green paint are a lovely update on the traditional pinks and blues, while vanilla is another neutral base that allows for easy updates as the child’s personality develops.

A happy kid’s nursery will be full of different textures and points of visual interest, and a soft paint colour will allow for these additions to be easily and regularly updated. Lighter shades like those from the sorbet palette pair well against light coloured woods and furniture and will allow for fabrics to be bolder and darker, without being uncomplimentary.

Sorbet shades on the walls pair well against a plain white ceiling and fittings, as this will also keep the space feeling bigger than it is.

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