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Colour Futures 2015


Colour of the Year - Copper Blush


As witnessed at global events from Stockholm and Milan to Shanghai, metallic colour tones are playing an increasingly important role in modern design.

Replacing the cool blues and greens of recent years, a warmer spectrum of pinks, reds and oranges is emerging, reflecting a more positive global outlook. As a paint translation of this trend, our research all points to this orangey copper tone. Great on its own, the colour also combines perfectly with pinks, neutrals, whites and other orange hues, as well as metallic colours such as gold.


Layer + Layer


The digital landscape adds further layers to the world around us, not simply in terms of space but also time.

This trend is translated into the subtle use of clusters or groups of colour, rather than a single shade used in isolation.

The combination of various colours is key here, in predominantly soft and pastel hues.


Friendly Barter +


Eschewing big brands, consumers now seek out goods and services via a collaborative model based on sharing and borrowing.

New combinations and an eclectic approach to problem solving is reflected in the family of warm colour palettes for 2015 which are often used in unpredictable ways.

Berry-toned pinks and reds add softness when used in conjunction with lime and orange, but can create an added richness to ochre, rich brown and warm grey.


Big Nature + Small Me


The idea of a more authentic and mindful existence is inspiring a new minimalism, stripping away all that is unnecessary and purely cosmetic.

The colour palette captures the sun-scorched feel of the Arizona desert; vast and intimidating yet strikingly beautiful.

Rich earth tones of sepia, ochre, sienna and baked clay create a tonal palette which is natural and strong.


Unseen Spaces


We are making a virtue out of negative space and creating beauty and use where previously there was none.

Decorative techniques can draw our attention to previously overlooked areas or accessories.

A very sophisticated collection of colours, this palette takes three different directions in hue; blue grey, khaki and neutral pink.


Him + Her


Men and women are both flourishing in this exploration of the distinctiveness of their gender while also acknowledging how the masculine and feminine can complement each other.

We see the traditional feminine hues of damson, powder pink and cream combined with masculine khaki, slate grey and teal. The look is classic, understated and very sure of itself.

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