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Cherished Gold, Dulux Colour of the Year 2016

Find out about Cherished Gold, Dulux's colour of the year for 2016!

Still bright enough to attract attention while also subtly referring to the past and the colour of earth, Cherished Gold also combines well with other tones. You can find products in this colour by clicking the colour chip below.

Here are some coordinated colours that work beautifully with the colour of the year, Cherished Gold, to create a room which is perfect for you:


How we identified a colour that would connect with overall trend


Colour trends for 2016 are all about ‘Looking Both Ways’. A year of combining both the traditional and the modern in our colour schemes. In identifying a colour that would connect with the overall trend of looking both ways, we noted that all the key trends for 2016 had an element of gold in them. It’s the ‘golden hour’ of Dark and Light; it’s the gold that appears in Heritage and Future – both in the paintings of old masters and also in modern design trends. Out of the broad palette of yellows we identified, we have carefully selected the one yellow that best represents the golden influence of the coming year’s colour trends. We nominated a golden yellow, which has been translated into an almost ochre colour; still bright enough to attract attention while also subtly referring to past and the colour of the earth, combining well with other tones.


Rebecca Williamson


Senior Colour Design and Content Manager

“Gold and tones of gold are being used everywhere in the design world so for 2016 ‘Cherished Gold’ is a natural evolution from ‘Copper Blush’, last years’ Colour of the Year. As metallics continue to add that feel good factor, this ochre inspired hue will offer that little touch of glamour to our interiors. With ‘gold’ set to envelop so many moments throughout 2016, we couldn’t have hoped for a better person to front our 2016 Colour of the Year. Katarina embodies promise and is set to be an athlete the nation will cherish”


Katarina Johnson-Thompson is the face of Colour of the Year 2016, Cherished Gold


The young athlete, who is fast becoming Britain’s golden girl of sport, has been announced as the face of ‘Cherished Gold’ – the 2016 Colour of the Year. The beautiful 23 year old, who holds national records for the Pentathalon, High and Long jump, was chosen to represent Dulux’s Colour of the Year ‘Cherished Gold’ because she cherishes her life at home; saying it’s the driving force behind her sporting successes so far.


Katarina Johnson-Thompson stuns in a striking set of images celebrating the most cherished memories of her home life that have made her the competitor she is today.


Katarina’s collaboration with Dulux also draws upon the brand’s over riding design theme for 2016 – ‘Looking Both Ways’, a theme that encourages us to both appreciate the past and anticipate the future. The shoot shows Johnson-Thompson looking back on her experiences and memories of her home and family.


Katarina cherishes life back home, and describes her mum as “the biggest influence in [her] life” who encouraged her to follow her passion for athletics. She reveals one of her most cherished possessions is her memory box that she keeps at home, containing special mementos from her childhood.


Reflecting on the ‘Cherished Gold’ campaign, Johnson-Thompson comments: “2016 is such an important year for me, with ‘gold’ firmly on my mind and in my sights! I’m a massive home-girl at heart which is why I still train in Liverpool so I can go home and spend time with my Mum, Nan and dogs after a hard day’s work.


“I’ve just bought my first house, I love it, especially as it’s just around the corner from my mum, so I can still go home and cook dinner with her – some things will never change!”


“I’ve enjoyed so many amazing memories in my home. I remember when my family made me this huge good luck sign to send me off to the World Championships in Bejing and hung it on the garage at the front of the house; I feel so lucky to have their love and support. I wouldn’t be where I am today without their encouragement. Fronting Dulux’s Cherished Gold campaign feels like a great way to celebrate those memories as it reminds me of how proud I am to be a normal Liverpool girl going for gold.”


The Film - Watch Katarina Johnson-Thompson star in the Cherished Gold, Colour of the Year Film’

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