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The Comeback: Patterned Carpets

If the floral or paisley patterned carpets of yesteryear fill you with dread, this will be a pleasant surprise…


We've all encountered a garish carpet or two at some stage or other in our lives - from playing on them as a child to (gleefully) pulling them up in home renovations. Whether it was a swirly nightmare or a full-on floral, the chances are it was probably a relic of the Sixties or Seventies - or even the Eighties if you were really unlucky. These funky floors could be seen everywhere from the local pub floor to hotel lobbies and your granny's front room - no floorboard was left un-swathed by these headache-inducing designs. But even that wasn't enough pattern back then - oh no. Not content for the floors to be covered in print, there was a tendency to match every other conceivable surface to the carpet too - bedspread, curtains, lampshades, wallpaper - all matching in the same offending print. Sound horribly familiar?

But perhaps it's time to open your mind to the patterned carpet - especially now there's a new breed of woven wonders on the scene, ready to roll out over floors across the nation. Enter flooring specialist Alternative Flooring, whose Quirky B range of patterned beauties prove that carpets and rugs have really stepped up their game. The brand has just collaborated with leading designer Ben Pentreath in this striking range of geometric designs for floors. Unlike its predecessors, this contemporary take on the trend keeps prints on the dainty side and sticks to chic palette of greys, neutrals and muted blush tones, so spaces aren't overwhelmed. Not only that, but this timeless and elegant tumbling block design works a treat in any style of home, from Victorian terrace to contemporary barn conversion. There's three designs in the range; Tetra, Lattice and Cube (above, right) and start at £98.73 per sq m. So what are you waiting for? Time to take to the floor…


Image (left) via Apartment Therapy

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