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Create a dynamic children’s bedroom

Create a practical kids’ room that doesn’t compromise on style.


Looking for a decorating scheme that won’t outgrow your child but still excites their imaginations? The key is to combine neutral colours, like soothing grey-green or warm stone, with pops of bright colour. Try a feature wall painted in a zesty hue or set the scene for fun with wallpaper, stencils or a pin-up board decorated with artwork and photos.

If you’re feeling creative, you could even create a towering bookcase tree, like the one shown in this image. All you need is a pencil and a steady hand to draw the outside of your tree (if you’re not confident drawing freehand, trace around a large salad bowl to create the circle shapes), a paintbrush to create the outline and a roller to fill in the middle.

Add a sturdy, enclosed ladder to your tree to create a tree trunk that works as a handy storage unit. For an additional pop of colour, you could even add some shiny red apples or flowers to your bookcase tree!

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