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Rustic Kitchens & Natural Paints Combine

Olive green teamed with natural wood updates a country kitchen.


Introducing a rustic kitchen into your home doesn’t have to be a big project when a few licks of paint will make a massive transformation in no time. A country kitchen has a certain warmth and cosiness to it that a sleek and modern one simply doesn’t, so it makes sense for this room to be as welcoming as possible.

A modern take on a rustic kitchen might include raw materials like wood, cotton and stone, while natural paints are a great way to make an instant change to the room. If space isn’t on your side, then keep to the lighter paint colours to enhance brightness where there is little, but if you have a bigger room then introducing darker neutrals like terracotta paint and worn-down woods is a nice way to bring some of the country inside. Adding complimentary textiles, furniture and décor along the way will enhance the look, and getting that “time worn” look of a country kitchen can easily be achieved with recycled or upcycled furniture made from reclaimed materials.

Lighter colours like warm blues or olive green paint will offer a more country cottage feel, which can be considerably more light an airy if your kitchen is a smaller area. When paired with lighter material like linen, cheesecloth and cotton, this area becomes much lighter.

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