Dulux Visualiser

Instantly visualise this colour on your walls

Create romance with soft, smoky shades

Use pastel shades to create soothing spaces within your home.                                       

Romantic yet mysterious, this trend is all about creating a soft, ethereal look by layering soft pastels with intriguing materials, such as lace and frosted glass.

Pastel perfection The colours that make up this trend are soft and smoky – think ripe plum, misty lilac and dove grey. Use varying shades of these colours to create a tranquil tone-on-tone effect or pair neutrals with rose or lavender for a floral effect. To complete the look, bring organic elements from the outdoors into your home.

Layered look The key to creating a delicate, ethereal look is to build up colour in soft layers. In a small room, try pairing creamy neutrals with just a touch of violet or pale berry to create a feeling of space or, in larger spaces, use darker shades like moss and aubergine to create a dramatic focal point.

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