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Denim dreams

Seasons of Colour blogger Jenny shows us how a lick of Denim Drift put a fresh spin on her relaxing blue bedroom.


‘I am generally very drawn to blue’ admits Jenny. ‘being originally from Greece and spending so much time on the islands you get drawn into the colour.
While I loved Steel Symphony 1 which was the colour we previously had (and still use it in my son's bedroom which has bolder colours), for the master bedroom I decided to go for a subtler shade.


At the time we were searching for a new shade of blue, Denim Drift was gaining popularity as the Colour of the Year and more photos of it had emerged on Pinterest.
It seemed like a very relaxing colour for a bedroom.


To find a complementing shade I used the Dulux Visualiser.
The colour picker function is exceptionally good for finding colour schemes.’


‘I always get away with painting the accent walls myself. It never takes too long. For anything more than that I tend to call in the decorator!’


‘For example, when we moved into this property in 2014 the previous owner had terracotta red behind the bed and pink on the rest of the walls. There was a built-in arch as well between the two closets either side of the bed which looked very old-fashioned. We had decorators remove the arch and the carpet was replaced with smoked oak laminate flooring.’


‘I love our new accent wall. Denim Drift and the Pink Blush bed complement each other so well.’


‘What’s my advice for people new to revamping their home? Start small.

An accent wall is a great starting point.

Always invest in good masking tape for the corners and good quality brushes and rollers. In between coats, place your roller and paint tray in a bin liner bag and close it carefully; the roller will not dry out that way (and you can do this overnight).

Lastly, always, always wash off your tools at the end of each project!’

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