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Coastal & Beach-Themed Rooms

From nautical bathrooms to beach-themed living rooms, our coastal home décor ideas help to bring the seaside inside. Ideal for any room, get coastal chic with Dulux.

There’s no need to yearn for your next holiday when beach themed home décor ideas make seaside dreams come true at home.

Picture yourself lazing on golden sand, with the blue sea beckoning and green palm trees swaying in the breeze. The thought alone evokes chilled-out vibes. Can you imagine what coastal home décor could do for your mood, each and every day? Barefoot luxury, beach shack style and nautical nights await when you get coastal chic with Dulux.


Coastal home décor colour schemes

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When we’re at the beach, our eyes rest easily on sun-bleached driftwood and sandy pathways to foamy waves. It’s just as easy to wrap your home in nature’s palette, with soothing colours like pale blue, pastel yellow and beige. Coastal chic home décor conforms to the seaside image you like best, whether that’s bathing yourself in ocean-inspired hues, basking beneath sunny tones or sinking deep into sandy shades. 

The best thing is, you can’t really go wrong when combining the colours of the seaside in a beach themed room. For example, evoke the ocean via a pale blue feature wall, bring splashes of sun with yellow accessories and add texture with plants and a variety of natural materials. Mix grey with misty green on a backdrop of whitewashed furniture and quirky accessories, like a faded map of the world or a surfboard - if you can’t use it all the time, you might as well look at it, right?


Breezy, beach theme living room ideas

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Of all the rooms in the home, it’s often the living room we spend most of our relaxation time in. To bring the seaside in, coat your walls in a dreamy blue, like Denim Drift or Coastal Grey. Consider highlighting a console table or artwork with an eye-catching ice cream shade, like a block of Vanilla Scoop on an otherwise white wall. Does the beach make you feel adventurous? Blend two or more tones with vertical stripes on a feature wall. Try Pistachio Whip with a beachy neutral like Sandy Steps. If you love the sound of coastal-inspired walls but you’re short on time, use Dulux Once Matt, which gives you the perfect finish in just one coat.

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Once you’ve decided on the colour scheme, it’s time to imbue your beach theme living room with even more character. Choose striped linen for soft furnishings or tonal shades to match your walls. Use rugs for texture and warmth on wooden floorboards. To invite long, lazy hours of doing nothing much at all, make use of cosy throws over chairs as textural highlights. Team woven baskets with plants and opt for some natural accessories made from driftwood or shells.


Bask in a beach themed bedroom

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What could be more relaxing than ending a busy day in a serene, beach themed bedroom? Invite instant warmth with a lick of Sunny Day or Coastal Glow on the walls, mixed with refreshing accents of white for balance. Add a dash of contrast with pale blue furniture, burnt orange accessories, stripy rugs or perfectly mismatched throw cushions featuring bright coastal colours.

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Stripes can create the illusion of space for smaller bedrooms and a two-tone colour scheme is right on target for beach bedroom ideas. Consider blending a soothing neutral like Pearl Grey with Pistachio Whip or Sandy Steps. Stripes also enhance a nautical bedroom, whether you play with them on the walls, bed coverings or within artwork. For a purely light and airy feel, decorate primarily with white, soft greys and rough wooden furnishings, with layered textures for warmth.


Bathe in a nautical bathroom

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Colour is at the heart of creating a nautical bathroom. It allows you to enhance the perfect mood for the one room in the house that’s actually all about taking a dip! Paint your walls in seafoam greens or soft blues paired with a white trim to immerse in that floating sensation of peace. If you love dramatic themes, harness your inner sailor and opt for a deep shade of blue and contrast it with bright white trim. Go all out with a Captain’s wheel for the wall, a shell-framed mirror or sailboat motifs.

Creams, light browns and pale pinks also conjure rustic beachscapes and envelop you in a sense of warmth, if that’s most important to you in the bathroom. Add texture with smatterings of candles, shells and driftwood-inspired accessories. Do you love to luxuriate in the bath? There’s no rule stating you can’t have a sky-blue ceiling to gaze on while you relax. To keep your paint looking its holiday best, use Dulux Easycare Bathroom. It’s moisture and steam resistant and protects against mould for five years.


Choosing the perfect palette for a beach themed room 

Much like trying to choose one of too many stunning Greek Islands for a holiday, what if you simply can’t decide on the perfect palette for you? Luckily, there’s an easy way to ensure you bring the right beach vibe home. Dulux paint tester pots let you try out your ideas before you commit to splashing it on your walls. Pop into a Dulux Decorator Centre, a good hardware store or order a collection of paint tester pots online. Apply two coats of paint to pieces of A4 lining paper, wait until they’re dry and hang them up to envisage the coastal scene. 

Then, get ready to step into your very own seaside dream at home.

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