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Create an Indoor Plant Wall with Ease

Bring the outdoors in with a lush hanging garden


A living wall – or vertical indoor garden – is a collection of indoor plants mounted in a frame on an interior wall.  Indoor plant walls are one interior trend that is still on the rise, thanks to the increase of small flat owners and dwellers taking advantage of the health benefits of indoor plants, as according to NASA, plants improve air quality in the home.

You can bring outdoors inside very easily in a variety of ways, but a plant wall is the most creative of the options, and it also doubles as a dehumidifier while eliminating harmful toxins from your home. But, because there is life growing on the wall, it’s important to think about how much sun and water the vertical garden will need too.

Whether you decide to make your own from scratch, or you pick up one to upcycle, there are a number of painting tricks you can implement with your plant wall. For instance, by keeping the frame of the planter the same colour as your interior walls, you trick the eye into thinking the plants are growing straight out of your walls. A fun way to introduce some intrigue into the home!

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