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Fun Living with Dulux FAQs



What is Fun Living with Dulux?


“Fun living” is the benefit we hope Dulux Easycare can give families by allowing them the freedom to play with the breaks off, instead of worrying about scuffing or staining the walls.


Why are Dulux Promoting uninhibited play?


Dulux believes that paint, in its own small way, can make a real difference to how you feel and act in your home and this is certainly true when it comes to Dulux Easycare. Currently 54% of families restrict play to certain areas of the home for fear of messing up the “nice” rooms. With Dulux Easycare this is no longer the case, it can stand up to the most imaginative play freeing kids and adults (!) to play in a truly uninhibited way.


Background to the research which supported our Fun Living Campaign


Where is the ‘Fun Living’ research from?
We collaborated with independent research company, FlyResearch and commissioned them to conduct the research. FlyResearch is a MRS Company Partner, and so adhere to the professional standards of the MRS and ESOMAR. For the purpose of our research, 1,000 parents and their children were surveyed.

Who is Liz Fraser and why are you working with her?
Liz Fraser is one of the UK's best-known writers and broadcasters on all aspects of modern family life. As well as being an internationally best-selling author, Liz has a degree in Experimental Psychology from Cambridge University, is a key panel member of the think-tank, The Centre for the Modern Family, and appears frequently on national television and radio as a parenting commentator. We wanted to draw upon Liz’s expertise, both as a parenting expert and a mum to three teenaged children, and feel she’s a brilliant advocate for our Fun Living campaign.


The Puppy Playdate


What breed of dog are the puppies?
Our adorable Dulux puppies are all Old English Sheepdogs. The Old English Sheepdog has been a central part of Dulux advertising since it launched in 1961.

How many dogs did you have on the shoot and what are their names?
We had 9 puppies: Patch, Pebble, Enzo, Dice, Bongo, Ron, Barley, Eden and Poppy. We also had their mum, Daisy.

How old are the puppies?
Our puppies were 6.5 weeks old for our playdate. This is the age when they start to socialise with the rest of their litter and become a bit more adventurous. They are playful and inquisitive, their personalities are developing and they are getting to know each other – they still like their mum around though!

Can I buy one of the puppies?
All of our puppies are now on their way to loving homes. If you are interested in adding a dog to your family, remember it’s not a decision to be taken lightly. You can find lots of helpful advice from dog charities, to make sure you make an informed decision.

How do we know the puppies were looked after during the making of this content?
Our puppies’ welfare was our number one priority for this event – just as it is whenever we feature one of our iconic Dulux Dogs. For the live stream we brought in a vet as well as the puppy breeder to make sure everything planned met their high standards of animal welfare. Everything you saw on the live stream was signed off by them first, and the dogs were only ever handled by trained animal handlers and our vet. The dogs had constant access to water / food and were in a temperature-regulated environment. All the food and toys involved in the filming were pre-approved by our vet to ensure the dogs were kept safe and healthy. The dogs were only on set for the duration of the filming and were never separated from the rest of their litter to ensure they were never distressed.

How can I recreate the living room used in Puppy Playdate?
We used our 2017 colour of the year Denim Drift on the walls complemented by White Cotton on the skirting and wood details.


Dulux Easycare product information


How long do you have to wait until it is safe to spend time in a room painted in Easycare for my family and pets?
Once the paint has dried and any residual odour from the paint has gone, it is safe for the whole family to play in the room.

Is Easycare safe for painting children or animal’s toys?
Unfortunately, none of our paints are suitable for painting your child’s or pet’s toys or furniture. Because youngsters are likely to suck, chew and generally destroy anything they can get their hands and teeth on, including their toys and furniture, manufacturers of these products have to use paints that comply with the European Toy Safety Directive and our paints are made specifically for decorating jobs (unless otherwise specified).

Is it safe for my child to help me paint?
All of our paint products are not suitable for children and should be kept out of their reach. Children must not be involved in the actual application of the paint.

For more information on Dulux Easycare please click [here] (/en/articles/dulux-easycare-frequently-asked-questions)


Fun Living with Dulux Influencer activity


Why are you working with YouTubers?
We want to encourage families to embrace fun living and uninhibited play within their own homes, and felt the best way to achieve this was to challenge real families to give it a try. That’s why we have worked with families such as The Michalaks and The Saccone Jolys to put our fun living beliefs and new Dulux Easycare range to the test.

Who were the families used in the Fun Living with Dulux Campaign?
We collaborated with several families to help us share our Fun Living ambition for homes nationwide. Each family is hugely passionate about embracing uninhibited play and wanted to share their experiences in the hope of encouraging others to do the same!
The Saccone Jolys are an Irish family that relocated to London – they have three children and an impressive SIX maltese puppies!
The Michalaks are a young family that have just moved into a new home with their beautiful son, Grayson. Excitingly, they’re expecting baby number two to join their family very soon!
The Dad Lab is a full-time dad to his two adorable boys. He is notorious for his creativity and educating his two boys via fun games and experiments.

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