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The Great British Exterior Trends Report 2021

With more time spent in the confines of our own home than ever before, the last year has proven the importance of updating our home to fit our needs, our lifestyle and our environment.

As we head into the warmer months, it’s time to start paying more attention to the outside of your home. Whether it’s your garden patio, front door colour or wall paint choice, refreshing your house exterior not only improves your paint and DIY knowledge and keeps your humble abode on trend, but it can also reignite your sense of love, pride and belonging, too. 

By caring for what’s outside, you’re looking after what’s inside, and with our variety of carefully crafted Weathershield paint colours and finishes, we can help provide the ultimate protection for your home.

But where do you begin when it comes to updating the outside of your home? Our exterior trends report shows you exactly what type of colours, styles and finishes are going to be big this year, so the hard work is done for you.

To establish what the top home exterior trends of 2021 are, we looked at the most searched-for queries across the nation to understand our favourite exterior trends and how they have grown and changed over the years. We also looked at the modern hub for visual home inspiration, Instagram, to find the most liked exterior posts as well as the most photographed styles and paint colours (using hashtag data).

Biggest Home Exterior Trends For 2021 

Refreshing the outside of your home can add value and curb appeal to your exterior. To identify the biggest trends of 2021 in the UK, we’ve analysed search trends over the past five years.

The results reveal that house exterior, which includes our walls, is the most searched for exterior trend category overall in the UK. This comes as no surprise considering it’s a simple way to add curb appeal to your home, which has only grown through lockdown. The next biggest search trend categories are our front doors and windows, which can have a huge impact on a small scale. Colourful front doors and windows are a great way to inject your personality and experiment with your home exterior design. 

Infographic showing most searched for home exterior trends

Looking deeper to see the specific types of queries we’re making, the top house exterior trend is paint for specific outdoor materials, including wood, brick and uPVC, with exterior paint colours following as the next top trend. 

Infographic showing most searched for home exterior products

Most Searched For Colour Exterior Trends For 2021 

We’ve also analysed the most popular exterior colours based on the volume of colour-based searches in the past year. Our results reveal that it’s the cool, classic shades that are the clear favourites. Grey is the top trend overall, which shows we’re a nation after versatility as it can be used confidently across any feature and works well with other colours because it’s the ultimate neutral tone.

Grey is followed by white and blue, which are both calming tones reminiscent of Mother Nature. They are both welcoming colours which make them the perfect choice for the outside of your home, and they can also act as a beautiful backdrop for any coordinating colour. 

Infographic showing most searched for home exterior colour trends

Most Searched For Colour Exterior Trends By Uk Region 

You might’ve known our language differs across the country, but would you have thought that our favourite exterior trends do too? Whether your region is coastal or largely urban, sparsely or densely populated, our surroundings can impact our priorities and can play a big part in what we want for our home exteriors.

Infographic showing most searched for home exterior colour trends by UK regions
most searched for exterior trend by uk region infographic

Grey comes out as the top colour in every UK region. This is closely followed by white paint, which is six regions’ second favourite exterior shade. White is most popular in Greater London (26%), as it is a clean, fresh colour that works well over brick, which is one of the most searched for exterior features in that area.

Black paint is a second favourite in two regions and is most popular in the South East of the UK (15%), where ‘outdoor wood paint’ and ‘waterproof paint for wood’ are two of the most searched for trends. Black wood for your decking adds warmth to the outside of your home whilst subtly slotting into your surroundings.

Green paint is also a second favourite in two regions and the top colour in the South West (15%), where there is lush green countryside aplenty, includingtwo major national parks (Dartmoor and Exmoor).

Biggest Exterior Trends Increases Over Time

So we know what’s currently trending for home exteriors, but which are the trends you should consider as they won’t be going away anytime soon? We’ve looked at search data over the last five years to determine which exterior trend has grown in popularity the most.

The results show that exterior walls trends, including a dash of new paint colour or a striking two-tone feature, are the statement-worthy styles that have grown the most because of the transformative way they can bring drama and depth to the outside of your home. A way to make the impact last even longer is with Weathershield paint, designed to protect your home against the elements.

Infographic showing most searched for home exterior feature trends of the last 4 years

With our results we were also able to analyse how popular these trends will remain for the rest of the year. Our garden decking trends, which include coloured paint and soothing succulents, are set to increase the most (437% increase from 2020). Not only is spending time in your garden a great stress-reliever and the perfect pass-time with your family, but it’s also the easiest way to start welcoming our loved ones back into our homes now restrictions are easing.

The next biggest predicted trend increases for the rest of 2021 are front doors (61% increase from 2020) and garages (43% increase from 2020). These have both been exterior features we’ve paid close attention to during lockdown; our garages have been converted into cosy sanctuaries or home offices and our front doors transformed with new exterior paint as we have taken on new DIY projects.

As staying in has become the new going out, now more than ever has become the perfect time to delve into a home exterior makeover. And what’s better than one that everyone’s talking about?

Biggest Home Exterior Trends According To Instagram

With more of us spending more time at home, we’ve had plenty of time to scroll through exterior inspiration on Instagram. Our exterior experts browsed through thousands of beautiful homes from across the globe to reveal the biggest exterior trends according to Instagram.

From window trims to door wreaths, our favourite Instagram trends prove our love for the finer detail. Yet, it’s crisp and classic all-white exterior homes that are the most-liked on Instagram, which suits a variety of styles and is always visually stunning.

In second place is outdoor patio plants, which come in all shapes and sizes depending on your space and taste. It’s also proven that plants can have a positive impact on our mood, which is more important than ever during such unprecedented times.

The taste for relaxing, neutral tones is also noticeable throughout the top 10 results, with white window trims and neutral beach styles being our third and fourth most-liked trends.

Bolder, darker-hue trends are also in our top 10. Yet, when it comes to striking tones, the results show we prefer these on smaller features, such as blue front doors and monochrome windows. Not only can these looks be easier to achieve, but they can also be easier to switch up as new exterior trends come around. 

Infographic showing most liked for home exterior trends by Instagram

From modern white exteriors homes like Homie Lovin and cosy cottage-style homes with a statement front door like The Front Door Project, it’s easier than you might think to showcase the love and pride you have for your home by decorating the exterior.   

Looking for an effective way to add curb appeal to your home? Discover Weathershield’s latest range of all-weather, long-lasting exterior paint, or find out how to choose the right grey exterior paint for your home with our colour lookbook guide.

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