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Paint by Numbers: Create a Space-Themed Bedroom

Go to infinity and beyond with our space-themed bedroom. If your little one loves all things galactic, our galaxy bedroom will have them starry-eyed. Learn how here.


A wish upon a shooting star comes true with a galaxy bedroom.

Launching into outer space is a fantasy fulfilled for many children and a galaxy bedroom brings the dream to life. The galactic journey is one that suits both boys and girls, so you’ve just found the answer to a perfect unisex bedroom too! Best of all, this otherworldly paint-effect isn’t rocket science. It’s easy to achieve a space bedroom when you follow our step-by-step guide. Just remember, it takes a bold soul to embark on space travel, so the bolder the colours used, the better.


Ready for takeoff?


The tools for takeoff to a space-themed bedroom


Before launching, it’s important to gather all the right tools for a smooth trip. When you have everything on hand, it’s super easy to follow the steps to space. You will need:

  • Rich Black Easycare matt to paint the main backdrop for the wall mural. Dulux Easycare is fantastic for kids’ bedrooms, as stain repellent technology makes it easy to remove scuffs and stains.
  • Lost Lake matt paint for the remaining walls and ceiling.
  • Tester pots of Striking CyanPepper RedPurple PoutWhite Cotton and Timeless.
  • 4 x Dulux 2” brushes.
  • 4 x Dulux 1” brushes.
  • A small artist’s brush.
  • 4 x car dense foam car sponges.
  • Dust sheets.
  • A small step ladder that has a grab handle and allows you to reach the ceiling.


The step-by-step guide for space bedroom ideas

A journey to outer space isn’t always a clean one, so make sure you mask the fixtures off and cover the flooring and furniture with dust sheets. Use lining paper to mask off side walls and the ceiling from stray paint splatters. Pop your space suit on too.


Step 1: Start with the base paint as your first step and crack open the can of Rich Black Easycare matt for the mural wall. For even results worthy of a professional, roll the paint onto the wall in a ‘W’ shape, fill in and repeat.


Step 2: You’ll need to thin down some Purple Pout, Striking Cyan and White Cotton with water before using it to create the paint-effect. A good ration is ⅓ paint to ⅔ water.


Step 3: It’s time for the spattering technique to set the scene for the galaxy. Before you hit the wall, try it out on a piece of paper to get it right. Use the colours one at a time and start with Lost Lake as the deepest. Dip a small paintbrush into the paint and hold it in front of the black wall. Tap the paintbrush sharply against the handle of another paintbrush to launch the first lot of spatters.


Step 4: Over the top, add smaller amounts of Striking Cyan. Finish the galaxy off with White Cotton. You can also create clouds and swirls like the milky way. Make sure you don’t neglect the corners and edges of the wall.


Step 5: For larger stars, use Timeless and a cotton tip to dot them throughout the design. To add some serious twinkling power, run paint along the folded edge of a piece of paper to create the shining star shapes.


Step 6: Wait for it to dry and you’re ready for takeoff! To watch the process in action, check out our handy video.


Space bedroom accessories


The options for space-themed bedroom accessories are truly out of this world, so decorate according to the size of the room and necessary storage needs. Speaking of which, it pays to tick practicality off the list first. Consider multifunctional furniture and smart storage solutions to keep all that space junk in order. Use a windowsill for books or ornaments and choose a bed with storage underneath.

Next up, look to the bedding to enhance the overall theme. Opt for bold colours like rich blue and sheets or pillows with space-inspired patterns, stars, planets, astronauts and spaceships. For a comforting texture that ties in with the colour scheme, consider a large floor rug in black, deep grey or dark blue. 

Kids love bean bags and pod chairs, so take the chance to add a pop of bright red or yellow with furnishings.

Depending on what your child loves to do, space bedroom accessories offer hours of imaginative play and inspiration. Add a telescope to the scene for stargazing fun and a globe of the world to look down upon from space. Buy table lamps that throw shapes on the walls and hang mobiles of stars, clouds or astronauts. Rocket ornaments and toys will bring the theme alive throughout displays on shelves, bookcases and tables. For lighting, consider pendant lights in unusual shapes to add to the mystical appeal.

Wall stickers that glow in the dark are perfect for the ceiling and create an entirely new scene by night. They also offer a great opportunity for you to decorate together, so let them pick the shapes for the stickers and design a fantastical pattern above the bed. Once it’s complete, don’t be surprised if you’re looking for excuses to spend more time in the magical galaxy bedroom than your own!

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