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How to Achieve a Storybook Themed Bedroom

The sky’s the limit for little bookworms with this storybook bedroom scheme.

Feed your child’s imagination and bring their favourite tales to life by transforming their space into a far-away land.

Set the scene by transforming their walls into cloud-studded skies, add a teepee hideaway and plenty of scatter cushions, and they’ll have their very own storybook corner. Whether they like to read alone or together, this bedroom theme will encourage them to start the next chapter of their literary adventures.

Turning their walls from a blank page to a blue sky is easy – watch the video above and then read on for our step-by-step guide.



You will need:

  • Blue Babe Matt – enough to paint the whole room

  • 2.5 litre Jasmine White Easycare Matt

  • Tester pots Goose Down

  • Tester pots Polished Pebble

  • 2 x Dulux 2” brushes

  • 3 x car sponges with dense foam

  • 2 x large elastic bands

  • Lining paper

  • Coloured chalk – we recommend children’s coloured chalks, as they stain less

  • Dust sheets

  • Small stepladder – preferably one that has a grab handle and one that will allow to reach the ceiling



Step 1: Paint your wall in Blue Babe.

Step 2: Using chalk, roughly mark out your cloud shapes

Step 3: Fill your cloud outlines in roughly with Jasmine White using an emulsion brush – and don’t worry about neat edges.


Step 4: Use two big elastic bands to make two paint stippling pads

Step 5: Dip one sponge pad in a little Jasmine White and soften the edges of the clouds.

Step 6: Dip the other sponge tin a little Polished Pebble or Goose Down to add a bit of cloudy shadow and depth to finish off your clouds.


Expert tips:

1. Don’t make the sponge dabbing tool too small – the size of a small orange is perfect.

2. To make sure that the sponge doesn’t have too much paint on it when you start to soften the edges of the clouds, load it with paint and then dab the excess off onto some old paper before you start.

3. Try and make the cloud shapes as random as possible and in different sizes and shapes – look for some inspiration out of the window (unless it’s raining of course) or from photographs.



Now you’ve finished your blue sky backdrop, make sure their space lives happily ever after with these inspired buys to complete the look.

Teepee, Molly Meg, (£129)

Unicorn slippers, John Lewis , (£8)

Cloud rug, La Redoute, (£19)

Cloud Cushion, IKEA, (£6)


For plenty more kids room inspiration and ideas, check out the Dulux Kids page.


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