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Dr Dulux: You can’t really paint a wall in just one coat, can you?

Simply Refresh’s formulation is a breeze to apply and delivers a great finish in only one coat, so it’s the perfect choice for quick and easy paint transformations. Watch our fun video or check out our step-by-step guide to see how simple your next decorating project could be. 

In our Ask Dr Dulux series, we answer your burning decorating questions and give you all the practical advice you need to start your next painting project. This week, Victoria Odds from London asks: “You can’t actually paint a wall in just one coat, can you?”

Well, with Simply Refresh’s thick and creamy formula, you can. And because seeing is believing, we’ve captured our new paint in action – watch how we updated a wall with a single layer of gorgeous fresh colour or follow our how-to below.

How to paint a wall with one coat of Simply Refresh

Step 1. Choose between Simply Refresh One Coat, a range of thirty beautiful, classic neutrals and Feature Wall – fifteen vibrant, on-trend shades to add a splash of colour to a room. 

Step 2: Prep the room as you usually would. See our complete video guide to preparing your walls for painting here.

Step 3: Open your paint and give it a good stir.  

Step 4: Pour some paint into the reservoir of a roller tray.  

Step 5: Load a medium-pile microfibre roller, coating it more generously than you would with standard emulsion. 

Step 6: Start painting! Roll the paint on to the wall using narrow ‘W’ or ‘M’ movements to create a smooth, even finish. 

Step 7: For best results, work in small sections of around half a metre squared. Re-load the roller often with a thick layer to avoid overspreading the paint on the wall and ensure good coverage.

Step 8: Once you’ve finished, leave to dry for four hours.

And that’s it - you’ve transformed the wall with a single coat of paint. If you’re ready to try it for yourself, why not order one of our testers here

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