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Home office colours don’t have to be as neutral as an actual office would be, because it’s also got to reflect your personality in the same way your other rooms might. Integrating darker colours like greens and blues can be an easy way to add your personality to your workspace, without straying too far from a professional space.

A bright and light home office is not something you’d naturally think of when considering using shades of green or blue in your home office colour schemes but is easier than first thought thanks to the natural pairing of Millennial Pink and white marble in many blue and green home offices.

Using lighter complementary colours when pairing darker with your fabrics or furniture can help balance the naturally heavier shades like forest green and navy blue, while choosing brighter shades like a jade green colour or a royal blue will also add light to your room. Consider also adding metallic elements in your space to help reflect light, and to keep the space looking contemporary and chic.

Comfortable soft furnishings like fabric chairs and lightweight curtains will also maintain the personality from the rest of your house through to the office space and allow the office to exist as part of the household scheme rather than a standalone room of its own.

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