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Chosen a favourite colour for your bedroom, but not sure how to use it? These ideas – all using Heart Wood – show how the shades you mix it with can change the whole feel of your space.


Teamed with a toning palette, your favourite colour can be used to create different schemes.

These bedrooms all use Heart Wood, Dulux Colour of the Year 2018, but the surrounding shades pull out its different undertones to create a range of moods.

And as all the paints are in the Easycare Washable & Tough range, whether you go warm or cool, your scheme will stay looking as good as new.


1 For a comforting space, work earthy colours, such as Cocoa Powder and Blush Pink, in with heathery Heart Wood.

The rich Coral Charm picture rail here really brings out Heart Wood’s warmth.

Creating a picture rail effect with a bold colour and painting the wall above in a paler shade, such as this Natural Taupe 2 will visually lower the ceiling for a cosy mood, while dark wood and warm metal accessories will add depth.

Make sure you include some black and white touches, too, to add definition.


2 Inky blues and dark blackberry, such Blackberry Bush on this wall, will take some of the heat out of a warm shade while keeping the scheme cosy.

Paint a panel in a paler shade to draw the eye to the centre of the room and create a cocooning feel.

Notice how the three colours on the far wall become gradually lighter, from Pink Parchment in the alcove to Heart Wood on the main wall to Blossom Tree for the panel, to emphasise the snug feel.

The oval itself is painted freehand to enhance the relaxed mood; echo the soft shape with curvy furniture.

Accessories in warm metals and tactile textiles further soften the scheme.


3 For a fresher look, pair Heart Wood with blues, greys and plenty of white.

Cool colours with warm undertones work best – the rich Faded Indigo wall and mid-grey blanket here tone beautifully with the heathery pink.

Clean lines add to a crisper mood, so go for a square panel of your favourite shade and emphasise the shape by surrounding it in a paler colour, such as Drifting Cloud.

Geometric furniture and accessories will tie the scheme together.


Explore the whole Heart Wood palette and order roller testers to try them in your space

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