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Pick & Mix

There's more than one way to work a colour palette, as these three different takes on the same scheme show


Once you've found a colour palette you love, the next step is to bring it to life. The same shades used in different ways can really change the look and feel of a space - here are three ideas to get you started.

Paint the wall


For a soothing space keep things simple by blending subtle, natural hues to create a soft blanket effect for your walls. Bring in the other colours of your palette through the bedding to complete your sanctuary. 

Paint the wall


Looking to add a little more character? Pick out features such as window recesses and headboards with one or two selected shades in your palette. Pepper with accessories in a similar colour family to tie your room together.

Paint the wall


For a space that makes a statement without over-powering, try something dynamic like a geometric pattern to accentuate one wall using three or more colours from your palette. Keep your possessions more neutral in tone for the perfect balance.


Find your colour palette with our ready-made colour schemes on the Visualizer app!

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