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Prep for Perfection

Tackling the walls yourself? Nail the prep with our top tips


Although it’s tempting to dive right in, it’s worth taking time to properly prepare both your space and surfaces, so you can achieve the perfect finish first time, every time.

FIRSTLY, remove all clutter from the area, giving yourself a clear space for painting without any risk of you tripping or damaging your belongings. Make sure you cover your furniture and flooring with a sheet – plastic or cloth will do – to protect from unavoidable paint spills and splatters

SECONDLY, to avoid any unsightly bumps or discolouring when painting, use a soft, damp sponge to wipe away dirt or dust from the surfaces. Then give them a good check over for cracks or holes before painting, filling them with Polycell Multi-purpose Polyfilla or Polycell advanced Polyfilla (see right) for a flush finish. It comes ready-mixed for quick and easy application.

FINALLY, if you’re painting a new surface that hasn’t been painted before, use Dulux Primer & Undercoat Multi Surface – suitable for interior walls, wood, metal and masonry. Ensuring adhesion of paint to surfaces, it means better protection and fewer coats, so you spend less time painting and your surface enjoys longer-lasting results.


Take Away Tip

Set aside half a day to complete all your prep – you’ll save time, effort and maybe money if you don’t cut corners.


Product Spotlight

Use high-performance Polycell Advanced Polyfilla for a seamless finish in no time at all, thanks to quick-dry technology. With a super-lightweight formula, it’s perfect for filling cracks and holes in walls and ceilings as it prevents slumping, while a smooth texture means no sanding is required afterwards. Plus, our skilled team in the lab has specially developed the product so you can fill holes up to 50mm deep in one application, and it won’t shrink or sag. Shop it at polycell.co.uk.

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