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Quick-Fix Kitchen Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Follow our Dulux colour expert, Louise Tod’s kitchen decorating ideas on a budget to help revamp the busiest room in your home without breaking the bank.


In need of a cheap kitchen revamp? Our colour expert lights the way to the kitchen of your dreams.


Achieving a new kitchen on a budget might seem like a pipedream to you and that’s not surprising. The busiest room in the home also tends to be the most expensive to renovate. Plus, if you’ve just moved to a new home, chances are those purse strings are pulled too tight to comfortably rip out and replace old fixtures.

We’re here to tell you that you don’t need to. Our senior global colour designer, Louise Tod, works with an international team to forecast trends up to two years ahead, so she knows a thing or two about interior design. Get set for her kitchen decorating ideas on a budget to transform your kitchen into a designer dream.

Revive the walls


One of the cheapest ways to update your kitchen is to paint the walls yourself. If the kitchen makes you cringe because it’s bland, shabby or currently saturated in colours you don’t like, a lick of paint is also one of the easiest ways to stamp your personality on the scene. Which colours make you feel inspired, happy and comfortable? Only those will do for the hub of the home. Food itself offers hints towards great colour schemes for the kitchen. Consider cosy taupes, like Dusted Cappuccino and energising brights such as Pale Citrus.

Reinvent the cabinetry


There’s really nothing worse in the kitchen than old cabinets. Though you might be itching to smash them into pieces and start again, a coat of paint is all it takes for an instant overhaul. For a calming, versatile choice that matches most decor, opt for warm neutrals like Natural Calico. Do you want a contemporary feel that adds elegance to your cooking space? Consider silvery greys, like Chic Shadow, for a cheap kitchen revamp that makes a statement.

Enliven the inside of cupboards


If you simply can’t stand your overhead cupboard doors, go ahead and rip them off. You really don’t need them. Instead, opt for open shelving with a pop of cheerful colour that complements your walls. Naturally, this means you’ll need to commit to keeping things tidier than usual. If that’s not your thing, leave the doors on but paint the inside regardless, in whatever colour you like. This is guaranteed to make you smile whenever you reach for something inside.

Invigorate window or door frames


Not sure about painting the walls or cabinets in bold colours? Look to the woodwork instead to bring life to the room. If you need small kitchen ideas on a budget, this one’s great for you too. Deep blue hues enhance the illusion of space when the walls are painted in a lighter shade. Lather colours like Atlantic Surf 1 or Venetian Crystal 1 across window and door frames. In doing so, you’ll also add a show-stopping feel of sophistication that belies the meaning of a cheap kitchen revamp.

Replace cupboard handles

When you can’t fit painting into the schedule right now, swapping out old drawer and cupboard handles is the next best thing. This quick trick automatically brings a designer look to a tired kitchen with very little outlay of time or money. For a timeless appeal, choose classic hardware that’ll complement almost any colour scheme when you get around to picking up that brush. Brass or brushed nickel pulls add a lovely touch of class.

Introduce a blackboard


What could be handier than being able to scribble your shopping lists, messages for family members or tasks for the day straight onto the kitchen wall? One of the best kitchen decorating ideas on a budget is to transform a wall with a blackboard. If the thought makes you think of an old schoolroom, there’s no need to choose black. Blackboard paint comes in vibrant colours too, like Peppermint Beach 1 and African Adventure 4. Alternatively, consider adding a bold blackboard stripe down one wall for a sense of drama. Either way, it’s likely you’ll score the title of ‘parent of the year’ when the kids are actually allowed to draw on the wall!

Brighten up with accessories


Once you’ve overhauled your room with a lick of paint here or there, complete your new kitchen on a budget with fun accessories. Add splashes of colour with brightly coloured toasters and kettles. Display beautiful crockery with shades that tie in with your scheme. Small kitchen ideas on a budget include stylish hanging rails to make better use of drawer space and colourful storage baskets placed on top of the cabinets or on windowsills. Plants always bring life and a sense of freshness, so pop a few colourful pots into the design.

Top tip

Once you take the time to beautify the space, you don’t want to risk grubby fingerprints or liquid spills spoiling your hard work! The solution is Dulux Easycare Kitchen paint. It’s an incredibly tough, grease resistant paint, featuring a formulation that resists everyday cooking stains. You can even go ahead and wash it without worrying about the colour fading.

With such stylish, easy and affordable quick-fixes, you can forget about an entire kitchen renovation and get back to enjoying the hub of your home.

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