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Real-Life Colour

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A maximalist celebration of colour and personality, Kate’s new-build, open-plan flat in Bromley-by-Bow is the opposite of minimalist. Living her best single life, the 27-year-old account manager says of her slice of the city: “It’s eclectic and versatile: I loved designing and curating the space, thinking about how I use it and layering textures, patterns and colours accordingly.”


Zone Your Home


Proving it’s not only period properties that can be characterful, Kate has created a neutral backdrop for her quirky taste. Using Tranquil Dawn with bright accents in Coral Flair and Sun Flare she has zoned areas such as her coffee station and dining space.

“I don’t just use the table for entertaining,” she says. “With a tiny kitchen, it acts as another surface for cake baking; and a desk when I work from home. My mum suggested having benches instead of chairs, which saves a lot of space.”

It’s not only bench brainwaves Kate credits her mum for, either. “When I was young, we moved all over the world, so creating flexible, stylish spaces that feel like home quickly is a skill I’ve learnt from her. It means our shared style is reflective of the places we’ve lived, curating interesting items and layering cultural styles.”


Take it Outside


Unlike most urban flats, Kate’s also features a tiny (but mighty!) balcony with sweeping views of London. “It’s one of the main reasons I chose to live here” she says. “During the summer, the doors are always open, which merges the indoor and outdoor spaces. My friends and I chat out there for hours – the sunsets among the skyscrapers are spectacular.”


Change It Up


In true London spirit, Kate has made her small space work hard for her big personality, using a lick of paint and plenty of ideas to make a home that’s as clever as it is creative. “Open-plan living certainly has its perks: I can cook and watch Netflix at the same time; and I’m never too far from the fridge!”


Her more-is-more approach to decorating also means she can re-think the space if she gets bored. “Having lots of things means I can keep changing up the look and feel of my interiors as there’s lots to play with. I love shuffling things about. It’s important to keep things fresh.”

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