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Cool & Modern Teen Bedroom Ideas

Let your teens express their individuality with our cool teenage bedroom ideas. From teen room décor to simple decorating ideas, find inspiration with Dulux.


Bring your teen’s dream bedroom to life with the latest trends.

A modern teen bedroom embraces your child’s individual style and provides a private space for self-expression. With homework, friends and flourishing hobbies, teens need a place to escape to, dream and ponder life in their own way. Plus, let’s face it, they’ll likely spend most of their time at home in the bedroom, no matter how much you try to lure them out!

To avoid any meltdowns about conflicting teen bedroom ideas, start with their favourite colours, themes or accessories as a base for the design. Embrace the concept of ‘less is more’ with modern, simplistic décor to enhance practicality, leave space for lounging and eliminate clutter. Then, all it takes is a bit of imagination, a lick of paint and some trendsetting ideas to give your teens a haven to brag about.


Keep it simple with neutrals and pastels

After a busy day in the life of a teen, it’s important to escape to a soothing, stress-free zone. As a backdrop, pale neutrals and pastels create a light, soft and relaxing atmosphere. They enhance a feeling of spaciousness in smaller rooms and brighten up spaces with low ceilings or little natural light. It’s also incredibly easy to add pops of your teen’s favourite colour onto a neutral canvas. Just make sure to use a tough paint finish, like Dulux Easycare, to banish any spills or scuffs with ease.

Consider painting a feature wall in a pale, cool grey like Snail Trail and offset the colour with white for the rest of the room. Whether your teen loves black, green, pink or purple, add splashes of their favourite hue via teen room décor like cushions, throws and treasured items for cosiness. Try to leave plenty of floor space free for sprawling out with friends or assignments.


Get crafty with wall art for teenage bedrooms

Does your teen love to unleash the imagination with creative projects? Why not take the opportunity to do one together and create a masterpiece on the wall? Throw the rule book out and make a spontaneous, fun design by following simple painting techniques for geometric shapes, patterns and vibrant colour combinations.

Make a statement that’s full of energy with a trio of triangular shapes to display an exciting colour palette. Think Fandango Fun balanced by Grey Wisp and White Cotton. Bring some drama to the focal point with Rich Black crosses, stars, letters or any shapes that speak to your teen. Tie décor into the mix with complementary and tonal shades for bedding, furniture and accessories.

Go bold with block colours

Block colours introduce a playful element of surprise in a modern teen bedroom. Best of all, it’s one of the latest design trends so it’s sure to make your teen feel like they’ve got the coolest bedroom around. The key is to paint blocks of colour next to each other to create eye-catching designs with a difference.

One of the easiest ways to do this, while retaining a harmonious appeal, is to choose hues from the same colour family. For example, let’s say your teen loves pink, albeit in a more sophisticated shade than the days of old. Paint a feature wall in a dusky Pressed Petal and brighten it up with blocks of Coral Charm trim around a window or door. Use neutral whites and greys for furniture and bedding to balance the colour.


Create with contrasting shades

There’s nothing boring about life as a teenager and contrasting colours align with exuberance, fun and adventure in teen bedroom ideas. To use contrasting colours successfully on the walls, choose a bright primary shade, a contrasting secondary colour and a neutral to avoid an overwhelming design. Aim to paint about 60 percent of a feature wall in the primary shade and the smallest section in the secondary shade.

Consider a bright, breezy blue like Open Sky as your primary colour on more than half of the wall. Paint the smaller side in fresh White Cotton and add a dramatic stripe of Dynamite Red between the two. Continue the theme with another contrasting shade for bedding and harmonise the design with pops of these colours in accessories.


Stay cool with teen room décor


There’s nothing cool about a messy bedroom for parents, but a teenager wouldn’t be a teenager without it. Smart storage options are the way to a tidy and functional space, at least some of the time. Buy multifunctional furniture like storage ottomans, adjustable desks and beds with inbuilt storage. Overbed wardrobes or shelves are great for saving space, along with providing easy-to-reach spots for books, snacks or laptops.

Teenagers are often happier sprawling on the bed or the floor, so forget about bulky chairs and opt for trendy, movable bean bags instead. Plants are always a great idea for a touch of the outdoors. Finally, add some photo frames or picture boards so they can personalise the room with memories, goals and best friends.

While you might not see them very much, at least you’ll know your teenagers are happy in a modern teen bedroom made just for them.

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