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Trick to Try: Golden Touch

4 Cherished Gold project ideas to give your home a glow


The key to creating your own homely hideaway is all in the detail – a little personalisation goes a long way to making a space truly your own. Follow these simple Cherished Gold DIY ideas to give your space extra sparkle and you'll cherish every moment you spend there even more…


Side table

Give a plain side table a subtle lift with a Cherished Gold painted edge and a Soft Cinnebar 5 Here's how:

You will need:

  • small side table

  • sand paper

  • medium brush

  • small brush

  • primer

  • 2 x paint colours

  • masking tape


Step 1: Sand the area you want to paint with a fine sandpaper, then wipe or brush away dust.

Step 2: Give your table one coat of primer and allow to dry.

Step 3: Give the table top two coats of your first colour, allowing it to fully dry between each coat.

Step 4: Using a small brush, apply your second colour to the edge of the table top and leave to dry, giving it another coat once fully dry if required. Et Voilà! Your spruced-up side table awaits.


Dipped plant pot

It's hip to dip, after all. And an easy (and failsafe) way to freshen up your plant pots is to personalise them with a dipped paint effect. It's easier than it looks.

You will need:

  • plant pot

  • primer

  • sand paper

  • medium brush

  • paint colour (we used Soft Cinnebar 5)

Step 1: Make sure your plant pot is clean, dry, and free of dust before you start.

Step 2: Apply primer to the area you want to paint using a small brush, then leave to dry fully.

Step 3: Paint over your primed area with your choice of colour. Once dry, apply another coat.


Graphic painted tray

A plain tray becomes display-worthy with a lick of paint in shades like Cherished Gold and Soft Almond 2. Play around with different width and lengths of paint shapes.

You will need:

  • tray

  • masking tape

  • sandpaper

  • primer

  • 2 or more paint colours

  • small brush

Step 1: Mark out the total section you will be painting with masking tape, going right over the edge of the tray.

Step 2: Sand the masked off area you want to paint with a fine sandpaper, then wipe away dust.

Step 3: Apply primer to the masked off area and allow to dry.

Step 4: Paint with your first colour, allow to dry, then paint with a second coat.

Step 5: Once dry, mask off a second section with tape and paint using your second colour.

Step 6: Paint your second section in your chosen second colour, giving it two coats.

Step 7: Remove all masking tape. Ta-dah!


Painted frames

An easy and money-savvy way to spruce up frames is to play around with their colours.

You will need:

  • photo frame

  • sandpaper

  • primer

  • paint colours

  • small brush

Step 1: Sand around the frame with a fine sandpaper, then wipe away the dust.

Step 2: Apply primer around the frame and allow to dry.

Step 3. Paint with your colour, allow to dry, then paint with a second coat.

Step 4. Pop a photo in and hang!

Start giving your home the golden touch with Dulux's Colour of the Year 2016, Cherished Gold by ordering your tester here. Still not got your gold fix? Check out our favourite metallic buys to match Cherished Gold in our Retail Therapy edit.

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