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Your Kids Bedroom Ideas

3 inspirational kids bedrooms designed by you.


Thank you to everyone who shared their fantastic bedroom creations with us. From circus inspired big tops to a cosy fairytale reading nook, we’ve rounded up three brilliantly creative examples to inspire you to give your kids’ spaces a revamp this summer.

And here’s how they did it…

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Amy Watson Turner’s Circus Bedroom

Roll up, roll up! Go big, bold and bright by bringing the playful energy of the fair to your kids bedroom with a circus-inspired big top ceiling effect like Amy created for her little ones. Here, she shares her top tips:

Difficulty: 4 out of 5

Step 1: ‘Before you start, decide how wide you want your stripes to be; this will give you a rough starting point for calculations to see how many stripes there will be in your room (we went for 35cm at the widest point). Measure the perimeter of the room, divide it by two and then divide by the size you are after. You will then get a rough number to work with in terms of how big your stripes need to be to mark up the edge of the ceiling. Do not skip this part! Equally sized stripes are vital to the effect. It’s all in the preparation.’ Amy says.

Step 2: ‘Find the middle point of the ceiling and mark it – this is the starting point for your tape – all stripes must lead to this. Do not scrimp on masking tape. You need sharp lines to achieve the desired effect. I used frog tape for delicate surfaces (as I had painted the ceiling with White Cotton before the red and didn't want this ruined).’

Step 3: ‘Double check you have an even number of stripes before you start painting and then mark each of the red stripes with a small dab of paint before starting.’

Step 4: ‘Remove the tape as soon as you have completed the second coat of Pepper Red paint (it will still be wet). This will help achieve the crisp lines on the stripes for the best effect.’

Step 5: Ta-da! ‘Revel in everyone's amazement at what you have done! Our ceiling can be seen from the street and often gets remarks on school runs and when people see it in person for the first time. I am so proud of the overall look my children will still be sleeping in a circus room until they leave home!’

Bonus Tip: ‘I used Dulux Cotton White on the walls to match the ceiling and then added a few further circus elements in co-ordinating colours, keeping the palate very simple. Bedding, bunting and a few framed circus pictures or children's paintings are enough to enhance the theme without the room seeming crowded and overwhelming,’ says Amy.

Watch our How-To video to find out what you’ll need to create this effect and how to do it yourself.

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Louise Ashford-Williams’ City Skyline Bedroom

Be a decorating hero like Louise and transform your little superheros’ room into a city skyline metropolis ready for epic play.

Difficulty: 3 out of 5

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Step 2: ‘Apply the paint, allowing each coat to dry fully. Carefully remove the tape as you don't want the paint to peel off with it.’

Step 3: ‘Even though it's a bedroom we still used Dulux Bathroom+ paint on the lower buildings. It was the right shade and it's also easy to wipe clean from any grubby fingers!’

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Toni Isaac’s Fairy Tale Reading Nook

Reading time gets a Fairy Godmother transformation with this DIY project. Sit together with your little one under this whimsical reading tree. Here’s how Toni did it:

Difficulty: 2 out of 5

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Step 1: ‘First I hung the Pom Poms using different tones of pinks, blues & whites to break the colours up a bit.’

Step 2: ‘Then using a matt [brown XX] I painted the tree. To make the tree stand out more, I used artificial tree branches that I'd ordered from eBay. Then I added artificial flowers that you can buy almost anywhere to help give the tree some colour.’

Step 3: ‘Then I added details to the shading and different shades of green for the leaves. I added a fairy door to give it a more magical feeling for my daughter. Sometimes when she keeps her bedroom tidy, the fairies will come and visit leaving little gifts outside their door!’

Watch our How to video to see how to create your own Storybook themed bedroom

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