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Dr Dulux: How to Make Your Nursery Decor Stand Up To Family Life

Make their room last from tots through to tweens with these expert tips from Dr Dulux.


Q: Hi Dr Dulux, we are expecting our first baby in a few months time and are about to start decorating our nursery. What sort of scheme can you suggest that will stand the test of time?

A: Firstly, congratulations! An exciting time, indeed. If you’re smart with your decorating choices, updating your little one’s space every few years is easy as A, B, C. Read on for my top three tips:


1. Most importantly, you need to choose paint that lasts. No doubt your bundle of joy’s room will take a lot of wear and tear as they grow up – mucky fingerprints, crayons and who knows what else! Our Dulux Easycare range is tough enough to stand up to all of that and more because it’s washable without the colour fading. In fact, it’s 20 times tougher than standard Dulux Matt paint, so whatever your little angels throw at it, it’ll stay looking lovely for longer.


2. Now for the scheme itself. If you want a look that can adapt and grow with your child, think about a backdrop that can be updated by changing a few pieces of furniture and accessories here and there. For example, you could stencil large polka dots or stripes across one wall – it’s a timeless look but still gives spaces a playful, childlike feeling. Alternatively, go for a motif that won’t date – take your cue from nature, such as this tree mural above. For more fabulous paint effect inspiration, go to our kids page.


3. Finally, dedicate space for them to express themselves. Whether that’s creating a gallery wall with string and wooden pegs for them to hang their latest masterpieces, a reading corner, or a cork-tiled wall for doodles and to-do lists, it’ll provide an ever-changing backdrop that reflects their passions every step of the way.

Find out more about Dulux Easycare and see the whole range of colours.

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